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Excellence Advanced Repair Cream – 50ml


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EXCELLENCE ADVANCED REPAIR CREAM is an exceptional, all round anti-aging treatment, which gets to work intensively helping the skin’s natural nocturnal renewal and repair cycle, providing the additional support needed for deep down regeneration and revitalization overnight.  Inspired by the latest advances in scientific cosmetics, ADVANCED REPAIR CREAM offers the innovative blend of VitaSource, the ingredient which enhances Telomerase production and Phytessence Holyherb a powerful DNA protector and repairer, both of which act to delay the onset of cellular aging, thus providing new life to the skin during the night.  At the same time, this delicate anti-aging cream contains Soya Glycopeptides, high purity Collagen I synthesis activators, which increase the concentration of the same, bringing back the suppleness and smoothness of young skin.  It simultaneously applies a smoothing effect to the skin’s micro-relief reducing wrinkle depth to a surprising degree.  Enriched with the action of Ceramide Complex, a concentrated restorer of the skin’s lipid barrier, it helps prevent water loss, bringing back the comfort of balanced skin.  Furthermore, High Molecular Weight Hyaluronc Acid helps reinforce perfect skin moisturization improving elasticity and volume.  While you sleep, its subtle scent and easily spread texture provides you with a unique, pleasant sensation.

Instructions for use:  Apply ADVANCED REPAIR CREAM every night, to the face, neck and decollete after cleansing, using your fingertips, with a gentle massage action, until fully absorbed.


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